ATM—Continuation PDF102/7


In other words, most of the things we say can be done, can’t be done, it’s only a

question of habit of thought. See? Once you make your configuration of the body

amenable to changes to what you are used to, then all … all the things that can be

done, cannot be done, is just a futile sort of …. It means the organization is bad;

that’s why you can’t do it. It’s not because you are silly. It’s not because you have a

bad body. It’s not because you have a bad heredity, but if you arrive to the age when

you can come here of your volition, you are good enough to do it, provided you

reorganize yourself.

You can see that we limit ourselves to one part of space, to one direction, don’t think

of the back, don’t think of the pelvis, don’t think of this, don’t think of that, and then,

of course, with a part of ourselves, we cannot accomplish what we can do with our

entire self.

By the way, just to make you feel that in the other things, the things we are talking

about, transference—it means in emotional things—we do exactly the same thing.

We limit something as impossible—as uninteresting—as this is not involved in what

we are doing and then you’ll find that, in fact, this limits our ability to enjoy and be

playful about a thing. It stops being playful because you’ll find the place where it

hurts and it makes such a tremendous effort and then anxiety and fear that you are

going to break yourself—something’s going to happen which will destroy your …

your respect to yourself. So you … you … you stop doing or you do it in a funny

way and avoid doing it, but it’s not essential.


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